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7TP light tank

Michał Derela, 1998

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7TP light tank

7TP tank was Polish developement of Vickers Mk.E tank licence. Main new features of 7TP were: better diesel engine, very good 37mm gun and a bit thicker armor. Only 132 were produced, plus 4 iron prototypes. Of those, 24 were early twin turret version.

Armament: 37mm wz.37 Bofors L/45 gun and 7.92mm wz.30 TMG (or two 7.92mm wz.30 TMG's in twin turret variant)

Twin and single turret variants had no specific designations. In some Western pubblications they are designated with: "dw." and "jw." - they are abbreviations of Polish words: "dwuwieżowy" = twin-turreted and "jednowieżowy" = single-turreted. These abbreviations are not used in any Polish sources, The standard one was single-turret variant, and could be called just: "7TP".

7TP light tank - twin-turreted

7TP tanks were used in the 1st and the 2nd Light Tank Battalions; and also in two improvised Warsaw Defence HQ Light Tank Compannies (the 2nd - 11 twin-turret tanks, and the 5th - 11 single-turret tanks of the newest production).

7TP light tank, 1939


Data of single turret variant (twin turret, if different):

Crew 3
Combat weight 9,900 (9,400) kg
Length 4.56 m
Width 2.43 m
Height / to the turret's roof 2.30 / 2.123 (2.19) m
Track width 267 mm
Tracks centers spacing 2.016 m
Ground clearance 381 mm
Max. road speed 37 km/h (23 mph)
Road / terrain range 160 / 130 km
Ground pressure 0.58 - 0.6 kg/cm2
Fuel consumption 80 - 100 litres /100 km


Models of light tanks 7TP:

- Modelkrak (Mkt 7202) - 7TP
- Modelkrak (Mkt 7203) - 7TP (twin turret)
Polish producer. Fine resin models of 7TP, both variants. Good detail, high quality resin and white metal for tracks and suspension. Unfortunately, single-turret 7TP has wrong, symmetrical gun mounting.
- Mirage (72601) - 7TP (single turret) - New releases!
- Mirage (72602) - 7TP twin-turret
New (2002) excellent injection kits of Polish producer. . You can see preview On The Way.
- EXO KIT (7604) - 7TP
- EXO KIT (7603) - 7TP twin turret
Nice-looking resin model. A photo of 7TP twin turret (right) and two Vickers
- Ostmodels (P2) - 7TP (single turret, early production) - in fact it was a prototype only, without a turret niche
- Ostmodels (P3) - 7TP twin turret
- Ostmodels (P6) - 7TP
- Red Star Models (RS 89) - 7TP
- Red Star Models (RS 90) - 7TP twin turret
- Crusader Models (CMB70S) - "7TPjw" - single turret)
- SHQ (PT-1) - 7TP dw
- SHQ (PT-2) - 7TP jw
- Mirage (35301) - 7TP
- Mirage (35302) - 7TP twin-turret
Polish producer. Old injection kits. Mediocre quality, no interior, awful vinyl tracks. However, they are definitely worth their low price (about $8).
- RPM (35901) makes separate track links for 7TP, T-26 and Vickers (Polish producer) - this kit is a must for the ones above.

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